Olive Oil Tasting Experience

Olive Oil Tasting Experience. private Day Trip from athens
Olive Oil Tasting Experience - Private Day Trip From Athens

The olive oil tasting session lasts approximately 6 hours and includes a guided tour of a family grove. You'll receive a presentation covering the cultivation, production, and bottling process of extra virgin olive oil—from the tree to the bottle.

Olive Oil Tasting Experience

260€/4 person
Duration: 6 Hours
June 2024


   Embark on a short trip to see the Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth or Acrocorinth, depending on the available time. Then, prepare for a life-changing experience as you become an olive oil sommelier for a day. The olive oil tasting session lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a guided tour of a family grove. You'll receive a presentation covering the cultivation, production, and bottling process of extra virgin olive oil—from the tree to the bottle. Learn about Greek extra virgin olive oil varieties, categories, health benefits, and useful tips for proper storage.

   The next step involves an extra virgin olive oil tasting seminar, where you'll taste various award-winning extra virgin olive oils from across Greece using special glasses, akin to a professional taster. Gain insights into recognizing the qualities of good olive oil by tasting a sample of a defected one. The experience concludes with a food pairing session featuring local products and gastronomy.

Oil Tasting Experience (6 hours) : 260€  (plus 60€ per person for the experience )

Special considerations 

The availability of this experience depending on the availability of the experience provider and can booked from our company.

Costs related with the experience will be paid at the experience provider.

The trip can be extended according to the travelers needs, for every extra hour there is additional charge of 30€

Private Day Trip From Athens

You can head directly to the meeting point, or request pickup

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You can  select a pick up point in coordination with your driver 

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This activity ends back at the meeting point.

Corinth Canal

Our first stop will be the Corinth Canal, a famous waterway located in Greece that connects the Gulf of Corinth in the Ionian Sea with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. The canal effectively separates the Greek mainland from the Peloponnese Peninsula. The idea of creating a canal through the Isthmus of Corinth dates back to ancient times, but it wasn't until the late 19th century that the modern Corinth Canal was built. Construction began in the late 19th century and was completed in 1893. The canal has become a popular tourist attraction in Greece, offering boat tours for visitors to experience the impressive cliffs and rock walls that line the canal. It's also a common spot for bungee jumping. Dimensions: The canal is approximately 6.3 kilometers (3.9 miles) in length, with a width that varies, reaching about 25 meters (82 feet) at its narrowest point. This narrow width restricts the size of ships that can pass through.

Ancient Corinth

The ancient city of Corinth was a prominent and influential city-state in ancient Greece, situated on the narrow stretch of land known as the Isthmus of Corinth, connecting the Peloponnese Peninsula to mainland Greece. This strategic location made Corinth a hub of trade and commerce, allowing it to control access to both the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. In Greek mythology, Corinth was believed to have been founded by the hero Sisyphus and later associated with the goddess Aphrodite. The city is also mentioned in various Greek myths and legends. The location of Corinth made it a vital center for trade and transportation, controlling the land route between the northern and southern parts of Greece. Ships avoiding the perilous southern tip of the Peloponnese would be transported on wheeled platforms across the isthmus, a process known as "Diolkos."


Acrocorinth, also known as Akrokorinth or Akropolis, is the ancient acropolis (fortified citadel) of the city of Corinth in Greece. It is located on a steep, rocky hill overlooking the ancient city and the narrow stretch of land known as the Isthmus of Corinth. Acrocorinth played a crucial role in the defense of the city and was a strategic military stronghold throughout its history. Positioned atop a 575-meter-high (1,886 feet) hill, it provides a commanding view of the surrounding area, including the city of Corinth, the Isthmus of Corinth, and both the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth. Today, Acrocorinth is an archaeological site and a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the well-preserved ruins of the acropolis, including fortifications, gates, cisterns, and the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite. The panoramic views from the summit are also a major draw for tourists.

Olive Oil Tasting Experience

The "Olive oil tasting experience" refers to the practice of tasting different types of cooking oils or olive oils to discern their flavors, aromas, and characteristics. Olive Oil tasting, similar to wine tasting, involves sipping small amounts of oil and paying attention to factors such as bitterness, fruitiness, peppery notes, and overall mouthfeel. People often use terms like "grassy," "peppery," or "fruity" to describe the flavors of high-quality olive oils.

  • All taxes, fees and handling charges

  • Hotel pickup and drop off

  • Free wifi onboard

  • Fuel and tolls

  • Water

  • Personal English-Speaking professional Driver  

  • Entrance fees for all attractions
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Official Tour Guide

( This is a guided trip and our drivers are knowledgeable about the areas you will visit and they will provide you with basic info about the sights, but In case you want to have a professional tour guide with you, this can be done by arrangement for an additional fee)

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